Delivery Integrations

By default, MergeMail will send your emails using your Gmail account and Gmail’s servers. This is great for smaller campaigns, as Gmail’s delivery reputation is generally very strong. However, if you want to send thousands of emails per day, you’ll run into Gmail’s email sending limits.

To have more control over the number of emails you can send and how your emails are delivered, you can use a Delivery Integration. A Delivery Integration lets MergeMail send your emails using a third-party email delivery service, like SendGrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, Amazon SES, or dozens of others. You can use any service that supports sending email with SMTP. You’ll still use MergeMail’s features in the same way; the only difference is how MergeMail sends your emails.


Creating a Delivery Integration

Delivery Integrations are only available in the Premium and Team plans, so you’ll first need to sign up for one of those.

1. Set up your email delivery service

We have guides on popular email delivery services, but you can use any email delivery service that supports sending email via SMTP.

2. In MergeMail, click on your username (top right) and Delivery Integrations

3. Click on “New SMTP Account”

4. Enter the SMTP settings from your email delivery service

Click “Create” and you’re done! MergeMail will automatically verify that the SMTP settings are working.

Sending Email with a Delivery Integration

After setting up a Delivery Integration and setting it as the default delivery method, all of your campaigns will be sent using it by default. You can still use MergeMail in the same way that you did before. You’ll notice that you no longer have any limits on email sending in MergeMail.

When you create a campaign, you’ll be able to see how your campaign’s emails will be sent by looking at Advanced > Delivery:

If you ever want to go back to using Gmail to deliver emails, you can just edit your SMTP account and uncheck the “Use as default delivery method” checkbox.

When you send a scheduled campaign using a delivery integration, MergeMail will use the delivery integration that’s set for the campaign when the campaign is scheduled (and not the default delivery integration).

You can also add as many SMTP accounts as you want and switch between them for different campaigns.