Amazon SES

This describes how to set up an Amazon SES account for a Delivery Integration. Amazon SES is a service provided by Amazon AWS, and it’s one of the cheapest email delivery services.

1. Create an Amazon AWS account

2. Open the SES Console

3. Click “SMTP Settings”

4. Click “Create My SMTP Credentials”

5. Click “Show User SMTP Credentials”, then click “Download Credentials”

6. Go to MergeMail > Delivery Integrations

7. Create a new SMTP Account and enter the SMTP settings from step 5.

Click “Create” and you’re all set! MergeMail will automatically verify that the account settings are working.

Amazon SES Pricing

Relative to other email delivery services, Amazon SES is fairly cheap. They charge a flat price per 1,000 emails. This is typically $0.10 per 1,000 emails, which means you would pay $10 for 100,000 emails. You can find more information on their Pricing page.