Using UTM Codes

If you’re not familiar with UTM codes, they’re a great way to track which email campaigns your website traffic is coming from. You can learn more about them here.

MergeMail lets you add UTM codes to your campaigns with a single click. To do this, start a MergeMail campaign. In the Tracking section in the MergeMail pane on the right, enable the checkbox for UTM codes.

MergeMail will automatically add UTM codes to links in your emails, so that when a recipient clicks on a link to your website, you can use your analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) to determine that they had clicked on a link in a MergeMail email.

MergeMail adds the following UTM codes: utm_medium, utm_sourceutm_campaign, and utm_email. These codes’ values are populated automatically by MergeMail with values like the following:

  • utm_mediumemail
  • utm_sourceMergeMail
  • utm_campaignmergemail-campaign-123 (where 123 is the MergeMail campaign ID)
  • utm_emailmergemail-email-456 (where 456 is the MergeMail email ID)

To read more about UTM codes, including how to use them in an email marketing campaign, see Email Tracking with Google Analytics.

Custom UTM Codes

If you want to use custom UTM codes that are personalized for each recipient, you can do so with variables. To do this, you’ll want to have a column in your spreadsheet for each UTM code (e.g., a column name could be “UTM Medium”). You can then include a variable for each column in the URL of a link (e.g., “{{UTM Medium}}”).

For more information about using variables within link URLs, see the documentation on using variables.