What do I need to use MergeMail?

You’ll need a Gmail account (either regular Gmail or G Suite) and the Chrome browser.

How do I get started using MergeMail?

See our Quick Start.

Why isn’t the MergeMail button working?

Try the steps on our Troubleshooting page. If those don’t work, feel free to email our support team or use our help chat (on the bottom right of your screen).

Can I use images, attachments, and other Gmail features?

Yes, images, attachments, and most other Gmail features (e.g., email formatting, etc) work well with MergeMail. If you have a question about a specific question, search our support pages, or ask us!

How are my emails sent?

MergeMail sends emails using your Gmail or G Suite account (as opposed to sending them with a third-party service). This has the advantage of using Gmail’s sending reputation, which is typically better than other email marketing services’ sending reputations.

How many emails can I send per day?

With a free account, you can send up to 50 emails per day. To send more than this, please sign up for one of our paid plans, which support sending many more emails per day.

Can my team use MergeMail together?

Yes, you can have as many users as you want use a Team plan together. Team plans have features that make MergeMail more collaborative, like team campaigns, team templates, and team reporting.