Logging Emails in Salesforce

To log MergeMail campaigns as activities in Salesforce, you can the “Email to Salesforce” feature.

First, set up Email to Salesforce. You can search for “Email to Salesforce” in the “Quick Find” box to get started.

You’ll want to add any email address from which you’ll be sending email in MergeMail to the “My Acceptable Email Addresses” list.

After doing this, Salesforce will give you a “Email to Salesforce” email address. Create a new MergeMail email campaign, and enter this email address in the BCC field of your Gmail email. When you send your campaign, MergeMail will automatically include that BCC on each of your outgoing emails, and each email will be tracked in Salesforce.

Because the original Gmail email you send to MergeMail will have the BCC address, too, we recommend that you add *@mergemail.co to your “Excluded Addresses” list in Salesforce. If you don’t do this, you may see a small amount of noisy activity in your Salesforce instance.